Engineers in the construction of concrete and fiber glass pools of distinction, for more than 35 years.

Pool & Spa - A company dedicated to provide best quality and services in:

  • Pool Construction.
  • Pool Finishes.
  • All Pool Equipment (Pumps, Filters, Heat Pumps, Automatic Chlorinators etc).
  • Pool Accessories (Ladders, Showers, Hand rails etc) in Stainless Steel.
  • Sole Agents for brands such as Zodiac - Baracuda: Automatic pool cleaner and Nature 2 Ionizer, Hisbalit - glass mosaic, Waterco Filters and USSPA Jacuzzis and Swim spas.
  • Suppliers of Tylo Products such as: Saunas, Hammam and Steam Rooms.
  • Suppliers of Iroko wood or Teak wood decking.

Hints & Tips


Never mix or put acid and chlorine together in the water. Always allow 12 hours between one and the other.

It is advisable to always add chemicals in the evening and operate the pump during the day and overnight as necessary, in order to obtain the best results. The pool should be safe for swimming after 12 hours.