Hints & Tips

Back Washing

  1. Check pressure gauge, if it is between 18 and 25 psi a backwash is necessary
  2. Turn off pump from switch
  3. Change multiport position from filter to backwash
  4. Open waster line valve
  5. Turn pump on, and keep pump runnng for 2-3 minutes, or until water in sight glass is clear
  6. Switch pump off and change multiport position on to rinse.
  7. Switch pump on and run pump for approx. 1 minutes and switch pump off
  8. Change multiport value back to filter and switch pump on again
  9. After this prodcedure, the pressure should drop to 10-15 p.s.i. If it does notm the filter requires more specialized cleaning.

Filter Procedure

Skimmer Pools - Open sump valve and skimmer valve; the inlet valve should also be kept open. Switch pump on and set timer.

Overflow Pools - Open balance tank valve, and suction valve (in the case of the automatic pool cleaner - Baracuda being fitted). The inlet/return valve must also be kept open. To increase the Baracuda suction performance, the balance tank valve must be slightly closed.

Topping up

To top up the pool, first close balance tank/skimmer valve and also the pump valve. If the suction valve (Baracuda) is open, this must be closed completely. If air bubbles are present, then the above procedure should be carried out by first opening the sump valve, then switching on the pump. Gradually, close the sump valve, until the pump sight glass is fully primed. If air bubbles persist, the procedure should be repeated. The inlet/ return valve must be always open.

Pump Strainer Cleaning

Switch off the pump and close the sump, skimmer as well as balance tank. The suction point (Baracuda) and also the inlet/return valve should be turned off. The multiport valve can also be closed. Proceed by opening the transparent lid and thoroughly clean the strainer. Re-assemble and set valves as described in the filter section, and turn the pump on.